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  • Selected as the astrologer of the week (among 3500+ astrologers globally) in the inaugural newsletter by Astroprasad.
  • Lauded by celebrities and Bollywood stars like Mithun da and Mimoh Chakraborty to make their life as well as movies successful.
  • Published articles in newspapers like DNA and mid-day. Also, did a radio show for an Australia station
  • Featured in numerous numerology magazines 
  • Motivational public speaker 
  • I have been nominated in excellence in numerology category in mumbai astro world awards



Hi guys. I am Vedant Sharmaa. I am a numerologist and astrologer. My passion for understanding the universe stars and how they affect life fuels me to continuously educate myself with astrology and numerology literature.

My central idea for life though remains the same:

I want to help people attract positivity in their life and achieve mental peace.

By remaining committed to my work, my predictions have helped over 5000+ clients in the last around 7 years.

But, how did I get here? Who is my inspiration? And why are there two a’s in my surname?

(Guess you already know the answer to last question 😉 ).

I am glad to share my story with you.


Guys before sharing my story I would like to tell you all that in this astrology and numerologist world now I have clients all over the world.people contact me for their predictions & numerology and astrology from various countries like India, USA, UK, Australia, Dubai, Singapore, Canada, Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, South Africa, China , Kuwait , Saudi Arabia , Asian and European Countries etc.

Through online readings Vedant Sharmaa considered Best, top most & No.1 Astrologer & Best, top most & No. 1 Numerologist in India, USA, UK, Australia, Dubai, Singapore, Canada, Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, South Africa, China, Kuwait , Saudi Arabia , Asian and European Countries etc.


 When and Where I landed in this beautiful world?

“Much of one’s character is determined by his/her birth date. Numerology Gives your life path number and gets you closer to the real you.”

I was born on 22 November 1985 in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh. I feel blessed to be born at the place where Lord Krishna, along with Balarama and Sudama, received his education from Maharshi Sandipani. I continue to live in Ujjain because:

My father Guruji Gobind Sharma gave me my initial education. He is a celebrated astrologer consulted by celebrities and eminent politicians. My childhood saw many stars from TV and Bollywood visit my home for astrology consultations from my father. I have acquired many of Guruji’s traits. Later on, he would become my inspiration for taking up numerology as a career.

Anyways, I was decent in my studies and completed my schooling at a renowned convent school in Ujjain.


A tryst with my destiny

I have never done a conventional 9-5 job. Never appeared for any company interviews or even created my own resume. I always chose my own path.

From my childhood days, I had a fascination for Bollywood movies owing to the celebrity atmosphere at home. I desired to become a Bollywood actor and accomplish stardom.

And I met early success as well: like getting selected in the top 25 contestants for Cinestars ki Khoj.


I enacted scenes from my favorite movies, imagined shooting in gorgeous international locations and winning trophies at Bollywood award shows. Here is my performance in Cinestars ki Khoj that aired on Zee TV.


My relatives and friends weren’t pleased with my choice of the insecure acting profession. Sometimes they playfully poked fun at me for having acting ambitions.

My father (Guruji), like any parent, wanted me to complete my studies before taking a plunge in Bollywood. He suggested that I complete a college degree, before I consider such a career. I agreed and took admission at MIT, Ujjain to pursue IT engineering.

For me, pursuing engineering was like getting the license to enter the real world and pursue my real interest – acting.

I enjoyed my college days (passing with a 70% aggregate BTW) and kept fuelling my desire for acting. I researched and planned to do a 3-month acting course from an acting school in Mumbai. I thought this course would launch my acting career.

There was one problem though – finances (a whooping 1.5 lakh rupees course fees).

The course cost was lakhs of rupees and I didn’t want to burden my father. So I tried to find out ways to earn money to self-finance the acting course. Then I met a guy who worked in the insurance industry.


My insurance innings

To me insurance appeared as a lucrative field. I started working as a financial advisor at Bharti AXA Life Insurance (to earn 1.5 lakh rupees). My father suggested me to not enter this field. But I was stubborn of not taking up a conventional job. And I had a belief that I will be able to sell policies fetching me 1.5 lakh rupees least.

Little did I know that insurance would be a successful field for me! I topped the Ujjain district and then Madhya Pradesh state insurance goals. Soon enough I came in the top 10 financial advisers of India.

The company was impressed with my performance and gifted foreign trips besides numerous awards to me. I became a platinum club member and did Oscar equivalent in insurance 4 times – the million dollar round table (MDRT).

top adviser award
Getting Top Achiever Award in Insurance from CEO Sandeep Ghosh & Vice President APS Bhalla of Bharti Axa Life Insurance in Zurich, Switzerland.

Bharti AXA chose me with other select few elite advisers from India for doing a PhD in Insurance. The PhD involved studying hefty books (some difficult mathematics) and appearing for many exams. Thanks to my exhaustive engineering subject exams, I managed to achieve the rare feat of receiving a Doctorate Degree in Insurance from Pennsylvania, USA.

Many people questioned my profession as an Insurance Adviser having an engineering qualification. But I liked the profession and was happy to break some orthodox mindsets by following my heart.

Sadly (or luckily should I say?), my acting aspirations didn’t materialize. My father didn’t allow me to pursue the acting course I chose. Owing to the insecurity and unavailability of consistent opportunities in the industry, he was not willing to let me give acting a try.

I didn’t have yog for taking acting as a profession in my Kundali either.

But life offered me my imagined Bollywood scenarios during childhood and college – I won many awards for stellar performance during my Bharti AXA days. And I won international trips to exotic locations for my commendable work.

vedant sharmaa in singapore
At the Merlion of S’pore during my Champions of Bharti AXA award visit to Singapore

The best part was the smiles I received from people I helped to get claims for their policies. They thanked me for assisting their families in times of financial crisis.


The numerology seed sprouts

Overall, I charted as a top insurance adviser in India for 3 years. After all the success, I experience stagnancy. I was bored and wondered what’s next.

Being number 4, I had an interest in occult science. So while working with Bharti AXA, I started reading numerology and Nadi KP Astrology literature. My father further motivated me to learn these sciences. I applied the concepts I learnt and started doing predictions. I was humbled to find they were all accurate.

I started developing a great interest in predicting life events and finding ways to attract positivity. With the support of Guruji, I ventured into numerology full-time.


gobind sharmaa inspiration for vedant sharmaa

The response from my clients was encouraging. Soon I was invited with my father on Zoom TV for predicting box-office performances of Bollywood movies. Watch the coverage below.

Seeing this show, Mithun da got impressed with me. He consulted for doing his life predictions. And movie name, release date and other discussions for his son Mimoh.

Again, I have had some people comment on my choice of profession. “Why are you becoming a pandit after completing engineering?”, “Why not an engineering job?”, etc. But being a spiritual devotee of Osho, I have always listened to my heart. Watch my spirituality video on being aware and choosing your path.

You know the best part – my kundali had yog of becoming an astrologer. That further motivated me to take up numerology and astrology full-time. 

My dark period of gambling leading to a divine intervention

I had to prove myself as a credible numerologist. And I thought that gambling by applying my numerology knowledge was a good way to make a point. My predictions were successful.

I managed to earn money, new clients and benefit them. Soon enough there was huge amount of money at stake. People consulted me and gambled tens of lakhs of rupees based on my predictions.

It wasn’t fun to do such predictions anymore. With so much money at stake, I felt tensed and lost my peace of mind. I could not enjoy any sports match. “What if I go wrong this time?” I would worry and a client loses his tons of money (though that never happened). My blood pressure took a hit. My health depreciated.

I felt a divine intervention guiding me to stay away from gambling and using my knowledge inappropriately. I decided to do away with earning using any shortcut method. Now, I don’t do pre-match predictions at all and do not offer consultations to gamblers.

Working dedicatedly, concentrating and enjoying my numerology/astrology journey and helping you people stay positive cheers me up.

Further resolving your life problems reinforces the purpose of the divine science in numerology and astrology i.e. to help people.

I haven’t looked back at those gambling days again.

My love for Acting 2.0

My love for Bollywood has revived by hanging out with Bollywood celebrities: working on their film titles, release dates, celebrity name corrections, TV show name alternations, etc.

Besides, I a.k.a Robbin have also managed to channelize my acting ability with my passion for numbers. On my YouTube channel, I review Bollywood movies every week with numerological predictions on the movie’s box-office success, film’s plot and music, career trajectory of actors, etc. I enact a scene from the movie as an opener for my movie review. Watch my numerology based movie review of PK.

The response I have got from running this channel has been overwhelming. Not only do I have new clients, but this exposure has landed me a gig with Red FM recently.

Watch my comical performance of a typical Indori.


What ticks me currently?

For the past 7 years, I have dedicated my life to study numerology and astrology. I like improving people’s life using these occult sciences. And I have helped over 5000+ people (from and outside India) including Bollywood stars and revered leaders/celebrities. They have all been happy with my results.

vedant sharmaa's international client
Doing nadi kp kundali and numerology of swiss client Mirjam

I feel humbled and grateful to receive their love in form of 100+ five star reviews, personal messages, mails and greetings on my birthday, etc.

astroprasad 117 five star reviews

The happiness and satisfaction I get when people come to thank me personally is inexpressible in words.

I have been lucky to receive many appraisals in my numerology journey. Here are some.

  • Most recent was shooting an astrology documentary to be presented in festival circuits outside India.
  • Selected as the astrologer of the week by Astroprasad.
  • Done a radio show in Australia, TV shows (on Zoom TV).
  • Written for esteemed media houses like DNA and Mid-Day.
  • Got invited by Krishnamurti Institute Of Astrology to Calcutta University Campus for their 24th International Vedic Seminar and 15th Convocation Of Krishnamurti (KP) Institute Of Astrology. I was also offered a special reward certificate memento batch souvenir.
  • Academy Of Universal Global Peace from Hyderabad (affiliated To United Nations) offered me a doctorate degree in Numerology.

Listen: The allure of awards, name, fame and money is temporary. Your love and support throughout my journey is ‘success’ to me. You guys inspire me to hone my skills and keep pursuing numerology and astrology.


The Future

Most of our life is already destined and written in charts. Currently, I am enjoying studying the divine science of astrology. In future, I intend to continue helping people sort their lives using numerology and astrology and bring positivity in their lives.

I hope my story inspired you to listen to your heart and work hard towards your life goals. Don’t care about what others think of you. Just go out there and do it. All the best!

You can also listen to my life story in the video below.

Let me know if you have any questions about me, my services, numerology or astrology using the comments box below.


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Vedant Sharmaa

Mobile No          :-         +91 9425092415

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Website URL      :-         www.vedantsharmaa.com/ www.sharmaavedant.com

Address              :-         8, Alakdham Nagar, Indore Road ,Ujjain (M.P)




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  1. Vedant you are A very nice human being.just stay the way you are helping people without thinking of materialistic benefits only people who are gifted and has a compassionate soul can do this .it’s easier said then done.Lots of love and good wishes,all the best.Tullika Tandon