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Astrology Love Compatibility And The Importance Of Planets In Love Life
September 4, 2015
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Marriages are supposed to be successful but sadly that rarely happens. If statistics have anything to go by, it appears that three out of every four marriages fail to keep the momentum going and ultimately end in a bitter divorce. Though there are many theories floating around trying to explain why such a high number of marriages fail so miserably, the actual cause could be something else. Prominent astrologers strongly believe that there is a relation between the success of a marriage and the love compatibility. Probably, this is the reason why the concept of Astrology love compatibility is gaining traction.

Now, you might be wondering how on earth you are going to measure the relationship compatibility between you and partner so that it does not meet the same disastrous end.  Measuring Astrology love compatibility is definitely not a cake walk but with professional assistance you can see things clearly and understand how you and your loved one are going to fare in the future.

Astrology Love Compatibility According To Vedic Astrology

If we go by Ancient Vedic Astrology, we will have to first figure out the relation between the Moons of the people involved. It has to be ascertained whether the charts of the couple are in agreement with each other to some extent otherwise the calculation would not be that accurate. This calculation process is commonly known as the Kuta System. Let’s explain more about the Kuta System –

The Kuta System

In this system, two charts are compared and then a score is given based on the outcome. The moons of the couple are compared and then a score is given based on the similarities. The maximum score one can get is 35 out of 36. In simple English, in this method the astrologer calculates how favorably one Moon Rashi of a partner aligns with another. The higher the score, the better it is for the marriage. Anything above 18 is considered favorable and it would be great if it scores more than 25. Any score higher than 25 is considered a great match.

Following are the factors that are taken into consideration while analyzing Astrology Love Compatibility between couple –

Varna Kuta – There are four castes according to Vedic Scriptures – Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya and Shudra. Varna Kuta examines the caste of the Moon rashis as it is said to have a direct connection with the spiritual development of the couple.

Vashya Kuta – It examines the Moon Sign compatibility to be able to measure the magnetic attraction. Just for note, you should not confuse Moon Sign with Nakshatras.

Tara – In this stage the position of the two Moon Nakshatras are taken into consideration. This is vital to gather knowledge about the longevity of the relation and fortune.

Yoni Kuta – In this stage sexual compatibility is examined. The calculation is based on different animals that are represented by 27 Nakshatras.

Graha Maitram – It has something to do with the examination of psychological compatibility. It measures the psychological relation between the couple by comparing the planetary friendship that exists between the Lords of the Moon Rashis.

Gana Kuta – In this stage, the psychological temperament of the couple is compared by analyzing the existing agreement of the the Nakshatra ‘temperaments’. Rakshasa, Manusha and Deva are the three Nakshatra ‘temperaments’ that are taken into consideration while analyzing the psychological temperament of the couple.

Rashi Kuta – The relative positions of the Moon Rashi are analyzed in this stage to get an idea of the different benevolent and malicious factors for example – prosperity, health, children, wealth, poverty, sorrow, happiness, longevity etc.

Nadi Kuta –  There are three ayurvedic temperaments that play pivotal role in the Love Compatibility between couple and these three ayurvedic temperaments – Kapha, Pitta and Vata are analyzed to identify how psycho-physiological energies of the couple interact with one another. This stage is crucial to understand whether Astrology Love Compatibility exist between couple.

Astrology Love Compatibility Chart

Mahendra – The longevity of the relationship is analyzed in this stage. This is analyzed by dissecting the position of the two Moon Nakshatras of the couple involved.

Stree-Dirgha – In this stage, the auspiciousness and longevity of the relationship is measured and analyzed.

Rajju – The longevity of the marriage is once again measured in this stage of the Astrology Love Compatibility calculation.

Vedha – Astrologers are well aware of the fact that some pairs of Nakshatras are not compatible with one another. Therefore, they need to ascertain the fact that the Moons of these two people in love are not in conflicting positions.

Astrologers also check whether there is any manglik dosh and nadi dosh between couple.

So, these are some factors that most astrologers analyze carefully to identify Love Compatibility between couple.

Astrology Love Compatibility According To KP Astrology

Many people do kundali matching online also using free tools or by using general astrology software.But it only scratches the surface. For accurate predictions & detailed analysis of astrology love compatibility between you and your partner you need skilled astrologer.

There are specific yogs (combination of houses) in kp astrology which helps astrologer to determine the actual case so accurately. Through KP Astrology we can also know whether marriage will be arrange or love , whether it will be in your caste or out of your caste , whether boy will be elder or girl will be elder , whether marriage will be in known circle or marriage will be in foreign land or with foreigner. Also there are some yogs which tells us accurately about love life , whether there will be break up or termination of love affair , whether there is a yog of scandalous love affair , whether there is a platonic love or love with physical relations , whether there is hidden love affair or commercial love affair or multiple love affairs & lot more we can find out. Nature of planets running in dasha signify the type of person with whom the native will be having affair or marriage.

Through KP Astrology it is very helpful for couples to find out:

  • The nature of your partner: loving, cold, aggressive, depressive, sentimental, cohesive, separating tendency, any yog of extra marital affair after marriage.
  • How will your married life be: Smooth or Bumpy or Average?
  • If there are any divorce yog in your partner’s Kundali.
  • Your partner’s health and professional success.
  • Your sexual compatibility with your partner.
  • Possibility of childbirth.
  • The longevity of your partner.

Do not just hope that your marriage or relationship is made in heaven. Let me do a reality check for you and help you understand your equation with your partner. It will go a long way in ensuring that you have a strong and long-lasting bond with your partner.

Every moment you delay might be drifting you away from your partner.
Also since I do numerology also I tell whether partner is compatible according to numerology.

If you are already married and facing problems, than probably your partner’s name isn’t compatible with you. Don’t hesitate to consult me for marriage remedies and ensure your name resonates with your partner.

Get your Astrology Love Compatibility checked from me today

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I look forward to help you with your love life.

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