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Reality Check: Are You Really Consulting The Best Astrologer In India?
July 16, 2015
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top 9 qualities of best astrologer

You believed in whatever he said. You practiced his suggested remedies. But there aren’t any visible improvements in your life. And now you are frustrated. You wonder what exactly made this guy (you consulted) call himself – the best astrologer in India.

Do not invest your time and money without crosschecking reputation and the skills of your psychic. I have been practicing occult sciences and helping people like you for 5+ years now. I’ve read fair bit of astrology literature (and I still read BTW) and applied my knowledge to accurately predict life events of many clients.

I’ve met and connected many revered astrologers across India. And I’ve seen the methods and qualities of many skilled astrologers closely.

Before you book a consultation with your so called ‘top astrologer’, I want you to do a reality check.

In this article:

I mention 9 top qualities you will find in a top-notch astrologer.

If the astrologer you are consulting right now does not meet these qualities, than you should consider alternatives.


honesty in an astrologer

  1. Honesty – Be it good or bad, your life events needs to be told to you. A good astrologer will always tell you about when your stars will bring success to you. And if the profession you are practicing is worth your time. He will not mince words, so that you continue consulting him.


astrologer should have a sense of humor

  1. Sense of Humor – When will you approach a psychic? Mostly when you are down, stressed and facing challenges in life. Right? So if you were bombarded with a serious-poker-faced astrologer, wouldn’t life be more difficult for you? A good astrologer has a sense of humor, cracks jokes and will keep your consultation light-hearted, while he suggests most appropriate remedies for your life journey.

confidentiality and privacy by an astrologer

  1. Confidentiality – You do not want the world to know about your personal life struggles. Right? You do not want to accredit your success to astrology and be judged for it. But what if your astrologer is flaunting your life results on their website? A professional astrologer takes his clients privacy seriously. He does not reveal any aspect of the client discussions or life results without prior permission.

confidence is high in an astrologer

  1. Confidence –Remember the time when you could not answer questions in your college viva with confidence. You applied random concepts to come to some conclusion. What do you think you lacked? Knowledge and Skill to tackle the subject. Same is the case with predictions. If your astrologer cannot assertively state what the stars have in store for you, than he is not skilled enough. You need to move on from his consultations.


your astrologer must inspire you

  1. Inspirational – What good can an astrologer be if he cannot inspire you to improve your quality of life, right? While an average astrologer can actually predict major events of your life, only a professional top-notch one will motivate you to take step in the right direction. If your astrologer only shares an output from Horoscope software, he ain’t any good for your life.

easy to understand language used by astrologer

  1. Communicates in easy to understand (layman) language – An astrologer should obviously know all thetechnical details and definitionsused in the world of stars. He will know the significance of all the 12 houses. But a proficient astrologer will give your predictions in a simple language and not kill your enthusiasm with jargon. Any individual should be able to decipher his predictions. Else, some concepts of occult sciences aren’t clear to the astrologer himself.

commitment by astrologer to client

  1. Commitment – What good can you achieve if the person you consult isn’t dedicated to make your life peaceful and successful? If you want peace of mind, than your astrologer must be committed to occult sciences. He must have a passion to improve your life with the divine science of astrology.


astrologer has a strong intuition

  1. Intuition – Strong intuition isn’t always present in an average person. It is powerful and a result of your past life experiences as well as acquired knowledge. Even businessmen and leaders are expected to have a strong intuition to take decisions in case of crisis. A skilled astrologer should be a step ahead of the public. He should be able to predict life events accurately using his intuition.

optimistic attitude astrologer

  1. Optimism – Whatever happens. Your. Astrologer. Cannot. Ask. You. To. Call. It. A. Day. There might be challenging times in your life. You might face a lot of struggle. But that’s where a top-notch astrologer will be able to pitch in with appropriate suggestions and remedies.

I hope you gained insights about top qualities to check in an astrologer from this post. You can use these to find out if your self-proclaimed ‘best astrologer in India’ is actually a good one. Or if it’s only a marketing gimmick.

Do share the post with your friends on social media, so that they are well-informed before consulting an astrologer.

PS: I offer KP Astrology predictions (I leave it to you to judge if I possess all the above qualities 😉 ).

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