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Happy Independence Day.India Entering In Its Lucky 69th(6) Year [Numerology]
August 15, 2015
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Happy Independence Day Friends

(3,6,9) Lucky For India
As India Got Independence On 15th(6) Aug.
India Entering In Its Lucky 69th(6) Year
So there will be lots of economic progress & good time for India
6 is Venus Planet Of love peace harmony beauty
India Was Known As Bharat
It was sone ki chidiya back then
Bharat adds to very good no. 15 (6) in numerology
15 no. has magical powers also its a no. of venus
India adds to 12 (3)
12 is victim no. one has to do sacrifice thats why there is so much corruption in India

independence day numerology

If our country name is changed back to Bharat again then it will be very good numerologically.

The country achieved independence because the great men strived for it. Let us bestow our greatness and efforts to take our nation to a next level of growth and transformation.
Happy Independence Day

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