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Love Calculator: A Fun Way For Exploring Your Compatability Percentage With Your Partner
July 1, 2015
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love calculator explores love percentage between a coupleHave you ever fallen in love at first sight? Maybe with that cute girl in your neighborhood. Or that hot guy at your gym. You must have had such fantasies multiple times in your life.

Want to find out if things could have worked out between the first girl you talked to at school or that cool college guy you had a crush on? Then, enter your name in the love calculator below and explore.

What are you waiting for? Plug in your name and your prospective partner’s name below to find out if you must have took action on your fantasy.

Disclaimer: This is only for entertainment. It does not calculate your compatibility based on occult sciences.

Name of Person 1:
Name of Person 2:
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So, how many hits and misses did you have? Share the results with your friends on Facebook and tell them to explore their love possibilities.

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