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Lucky Colour For Each Day For Each Number – Numerology
August 9, 2015
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Find Out Lucky Color For Each Day

The Seven days in a week are ruled by seven planets.Each day represents one planet & each day has his own lucky colour.Each day of week is ruled by particular number by particular planet (1-9).

In Numerology 2-7 always go hand in hand & 1-4 are mirror images of each other.Everyone should wear lucky colour for the particular day to get more success & happiness.

The following are the lucky colors for days Monday to Sunday.

Monday is ruled by 2 & 7.It represents planet Moon – Lucky colour to wear on Monday is White.

This also means white is lucky colour for people who are ruled by 2 & 7.that means people born on 2 11 20 29 & 7 16 25 of any month.

Tuesday is ruled by number 9.It represents planet Mars –  Lucky colour to wear on Tuesday is Red.

This also means red is lucky colour for people who are born on 9 18 27 of any month.

Wednesday is ruled by number 5.It represents planet Mercury – Lucky colour to wear on Wednesday is Green.

This also means green is lucky colour for people born on 5 14 23 of any month.

Thursday is ruled by number 3.It represents planet Jupiter – Lucky colour to wear on Thursday is Yellow.

This also means yellow is lucky colour for people born on 3 12 21 30 of any month.

Friday is ruled by number 6.It represents planet Venus – Lucky colour to wear on Friday is White,Silver,Blue.

This also means white,silver,blue are lucky colours for people born on 6 15 24 of any month.

Saturday is ruled by number 8.It represents planet Saturn – Lucky colour to wear on Saturday is Deep Blue.

Avoid Black At All Costs.It will create misunderstandings & quarrels.

This also means deep blue is lucky colour for people born on 8 17 26 of any month.

Sunday is ruled by number 1-4.It represents planet Sun – Lucky colour to wear on Sundays are Orange,Dark Red,Sunrise Colours.

This also means orange,dark red,sunrise colours are lucky for people ruled by 1 & 4 that means people born on 1 10 19 28 & 4 13 22 31 of any month.

Success in personal & professional life is ensured when one uses or wear lucky colours for the particular day.

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