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Must Watch Movie Review ‪‎Drishyam‬ Based On Numerology BO Collections ‪Ajay Devgn‬ | ‪‎Tabu‬
August 3, 2015
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  1. Today is the birthday of legend Kishore Kumar
    A person born on 4th August, 1929, Kishore Kumar was governed by number 4 throughout his life. The important events, decisions taken and the incidents which happened in this popular singer’s life are connected to number 4. The amazing fact is that the date or the total of the year in which the incidents and events took place, the
    important decisions taken or the age of the singer at which they happened revolve around number 4.
    In numerology, number 4 stands for the planet Uranus. It is considered to be related to the Sun and written as 4-1. The number 4 people have Characteristics of their own. They view everything from an entirely opposite angle from others. In arguments they will always take the opposite side. They set-up new rules and regulations in domestic and public life. They make few real friends but these few friends are most devoted and loyal. As a person born on 4, Kishore Kumar was not an exception to these characteristics. He was sensitive and often felt lonely and isolated.
    1. Kishore Kumar was born on 4th August, 1929, under the period of Sun. This period is given number 1 by numerologists, written as 4-1, i.e. 4 along with the importance of 1.
    2. The name KISHORE KUMAR produces 40 (4 + 0) = 4, again 4.
    3. The time of his birth was 4 o’clock, again 4.
    4. In Kishore Kumar’s family they were all four children, three brothers and one sister ; Kishore is the youngest and the 4th child.
    5. Sathi Devi, his eldest sister got married when Kishore was 4 years old.
    6. Kishore Kumar had 4 wives: (a) Ruma Devi, (b) Madhubala, (c) Yogita Bali and (d) Leena Chandawaker.
    7. He was blessed with his first son Amit Kumar at the age of 22 (2+2)=4.
    8. He had 2 sons. His 1st son Amit Kumar is by the 1st wife Ruma Devi and the other son Sumit Kumar is by his 4th wife Leena. As Number 4 stands for Planet Uranus, written as 4-1, the number 1 and 4 played a role here.
    9. Number 4 played a major role in Kishore Kumar’s life as his 4th marriage with Leena Chandavaker proved to be the most successful. She was with him until his death and even now she attends all the Kishore Kumar related programmes.
    10. He married his second wife Madhubala at the age of 31 (3 + 1) = 4 and she died when he was 40.
    11. The number of Bangla films in which he acted is only 4.
    12. He sang 4 songs in his Bangla film “LOOKO CHORI”. These 4 songs made the film a super hit.
    13. In the film “JUMROO”, there were total 13 songs, (1 + 3) = 4. This film became a super hit.
    14. Kishore was a fan of the foreign singer Topole. He went to attend Topole’s Show and attended 4 continuous shows of Topole.