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Characteristics Of Number 1 People Based on Numerology
July 10, 2015
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hrithik roshan is number 1 Your date of birth gives you a unique and recognizable personality. You should ensure that your life is running in sync with your personality. In this post, I want to share insights about number 1. To give you a hint of what’s in store for you – Hrithik Roshan and Aishwarya Rai are both number 1 personalities.

Who is number 1?

If you are born on 1/10/19/28 of any month then you are no.1, also if  your destiny number(sum total of full dob) is 1. Specially, if you are born between 21st July -28th August than you fall under number 1.


Characteristics of people having number 1

Number 1 in numerology stands for the sun.  Here are some traits of number 1 people: You are creative, individual, positive, ambitious, inventive and definite in your views. In consequences, you are more or less obstinate (stubborn) and dislike restraint (domination).

It is common for you people to wear spectacles. 99% of people born on 10th will wear spectacles.

You always rise in profession/occupation, since you are original, creative, hardworking and have an elderly nature. You are consistent in your thoughts and have a royal nature. You enjoy comforts and luxuries, so spend lavishly for false prestige. You have a commanding and demanding nature. Your confidence, honesty and straight forwardness fuels you to achieve success.

You are selective with whom you befriend and help them in dire situations. You never seek friendship, but gain them from many people. You are against flattery (praising) and never flaunt your knowledge. You are a good listener and help others without expectations. Your inborn sense of intuition helps you to judge people around you. You have good oratory and writing skills.

aishwarya rai is number 1You do not go after money, but it should come to you in search for yourself. You are enthusiastic and never lethargic. Remember people feeling jealous about other people’s achievements? You never do that. You never covet (occupy/desire) the possessions of people around you. You are an independent leader and have self-dignity.

You believe in natural cure. You want to make a name for yourself, go after fame, prestige, power and position. You want to be honored and respected. Your life is full of troubles, tribulation and failures.

If you lose your confidence, you are likely to be dictated by others. You can cause harm to others. You will be very lucky in politics and foster children of govt. You love to decorate home with modern things. You have an immaculate dressing sense and are fond of travelling the world.

Some of your other characteristics include: brashness (quick in taking decisions), masculinity, elegance, invite enemies.

I advise you to take tablespoon of honey mixed with water/milk in the morning.  

Here is a breakdown of your qualities, based on your birth date –

Persons born on 1: brash, outspoken, lacks adjustments, extreme self confidence, very ambitious

Pesons born on 10th : steady, caution, conceal inner most feelings, love and affections, please to interact with these people.

Persons born on 19th: hypnotic powers, adamant though they look soft outward, once they make up their mind they will not change their mind. Advised to reduce stubbornness.

Persons born on 28th: handsome, feminine traits, trust others get cheated often.

Some of your negative traits– adamant, aggressive, egoistic, over confident, unwilling to listen to others. Transparency, not afraid, brave, dynamic, attracted to mental rather than physical work. You get delayed financial stability and good from 37th year , barley water, orange, lemon, dates and ginger good.
You can watch my video below on number 1 numerology for a graphic flavour:

Hope you enjoyed reading about your characteristics. If you have any queries, feel free to comment using the comment box below. I would recommend you leverage your positive and negative qualities. This will ensure that you live your life in sync with your inborn personality and achieve your full potential. All the best!

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