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Buy Bracelets, Gemstones, Yantras and Pendants

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Choose from a range of my hand-picked bracelets, gemstones, yantras and pendants for a healthier, happier and peaceful life. For placing an order, you can get in touch with me. My account details for completing a transaction are mentioned on the consultation page.


Bracelets and Pendants


1. Original Silver Lucky Charm Navgrah Bracelet 

pendant 2

One bracelet costs – Rs. 10,000

It is help you to peace, success, prosperity, luck and happiness. Anyone can wear this bracelet.


2. Gold Navgrah Locket in Om Shape/Opal Shape/Round Shape is available for Rs. 11000.



3. Original Silver Navgrah Locket (with Shree Yantra)

Original silver navgrah locket with shree yantra

Wearing this will help you to peace, success, prosperity, luck and happiness.

Cost – Rs. 3,300


4. Original Silver Navgrah Locket (without the Shree Yantra)


Cost – Rs. 2,500


5. Gold polish locket 

smaller gold polish locket

Cost – Rs. 2,000


A bigger sized gold polish locket is also available (with Shree Yantra)

bigger gold polish locket

CostRs. 2,500


6. Asth Dhatu Bracelet With Gold Polish

navgrah bracelet

It help you to peace, success and prosperity. Anyone can wear this.

Cost – Rs. 7,000


 7. Navgrah Plate 

vivah yantra to bring peace in married life or get married


You can put this in your office, bedroom or living room. It will help you to peace, success, prosperity and happiness in your home. It does so by removing all vaastu dosh and negative energies. Bring good luck in your life by ordering this plate now.

Cost – Rs. 5,000 


8. Vivah Yantra

navgrah plate


Keep it in your bedroom for married life. Also, helpful if you want to get married.

Cost – Rs. 3,000



Gemstones can help cleanse and heal your soul. Their properties are known to mankind from ancient times. Emperor Akbar named his ministers Navratna.

Here are the functions of all 9 stones worn together.

all 9 gemstones functions

Ruby (Manik) – For confidence and success in work.

Green Emerald (Panna) – Business

Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj) – Job

Cats Eye (Lahsuniya) – Protects you from negative energy

Diamond (heera) – Love, sex and luxurious lifestyle

Blue Sapphire (Neelam) – Sudden Success in job

Hessonite (Gomed) – Good Health

Red Coral (Monga) – Good Married Life

Pearl (Moti) – Mental Peace


You can buy gemstones at very affordable prices from me.


Other products

Maha Mrityunjai Locket  – For regaining help you to good health back from old illness.

Cost – Rs. 500


Nazar Suraksha Locket – To safeguard yourself from evil eye.

Cost – Rs. 500


I recommend you to check out my range of Yantras as well. As I mentioned, you can place an order by transferring the required amount and getting in touch with me.

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