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What do people think of Vedant Sharmaa?

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yogesh gandharv

“I can’t explain what u did for me by giving crystal clear ans. Thank you so much sir from the bottom of my heart…. I m speechless right now…”

– Yogesh Gandharv




as prassaad

“Thanks a lot I am so happy. I got 1 crore. When I talk with you I feel positive vibe. I am happy for your succcess and achievement. I like humbleness, you are grounded. Your voice is like magic to me.”

– AS Prasaad




umang taneja reviewing vedant sharmaa


“Now you have touched the astrology of Bejan Daruwalla level!”

Umang Taneja




vibha parmmar testimonial

“Hi vedant, Your prediction is perfect, i got my PR after 5 years struggle and one more good news is that i am expecting now as u predicted. I am very glad to have you and very proud of you. Thank you so much for all your help.”

– Vibha Parmmar




parul testimonial vedant sharmaa“Two thumbs upfirst of all for this man. He’s a great great great astrologer and numerologist. The service he provided exceeded all expections and guarantees. He Predicts 101% accurate. I want to tell people plz plz plz must visit him once tanki aapki sabi mushkilo ka samadhan mile jaise you help me I personally want to thankyou publicly. Great job done by u…. Hats off to u and ur work and god bless you always.”

– Parul Saxena



anushree testimonial for vedant sharmaa“There are astrologers and then ter r good astrologers but we hardly come across one who is excellent. Thank you vedant for all ur predictions u made for me so far and along with that for giving me d confidence to b strong and confident, for clearing my same doubt N nos of times without getting irritated. Thank u for being a frnd first.”

– Anushree Dokania Choudhary‎



ashwiin vedant sharmaa testimonial

“Vedant is very astonishing numerologist and astrologer. Your excellence in prediction is flawless. Being prominent you are very down to earth person as you always listens everyone’s issues very calmly and gives very productive solutions. I a very thankful for your suggestions and solutions given by you has helped me a lot in my personal and professional field. Your predictions always work for me.”

– Ashwiin Triivedi



raina sharma testimonial“You are a star of people in dark nights. The positivity and spark you have in your personality ends all the bad thoughts and negativity obviously you are not god but you are a sweet blessed messenger of god on earth and we are happy to have you in our lives. Thanks for all the support and concern.”

– Raina Sharma



kaaya nair testimonial“Vedant’s predictions have been very accurate.he has good knowledge of numerology and astrology. I have been consulting Vedant paSt 7 years now. I think he is very talented and is gifted. Vedant has touched many people’s lives by guiding them with his acceptional ability to analyze and give accurate predictions. Wish you good luck Vedant!”

– Kaaya Nair



rajanish kumar testimonial for vedant“Dear Vedant Ji, Hope you are doing great. I have been your client from Long And as per your predictions all is happening in same sequence. I have got promotions and rewards at my work front Sir, Now again its time where I am seeking your guidance Meantime, I got married too, by Mahakal baba’s blessings Now I am seeking your precious guidance for my professional career At the same time, I am looking forward to have numerology predictions of my wife too Please revert! And I will follow the lead”

– Rajanish Kumar Patel

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